Meal Plan: January 24th – January 30th

  • Friday: Pizza Night with Fresh Ricotta, Chopped Salads – This is always a hit, and really, that’s no surprise, as who doesn’t love pizza? The boys had a simple pepperoni, while I enjoyed mushroom, caramelized onion, and ricotta on an herb crust. Now, about that ricotta … can you say surprisingly easy and amazingly delicious? That’s exactly what it was. In fact, once I was done and enjoying it in under 90 minutes, Jim looked at me puzzled and asked, “did you just make cheese?” Topped with a drizzle of olive oil, fresh herbs, and a nice grind of pepper, it’s a great appetizer with crackers and salami, and a nice glass of wine, of course!


  • Saturday: Flat Roast Chicken with Tiny Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts, and Red Velvet Brownies with White Chocolate Buttercream – This was a winning dinner for sure. Simple and deeply satisfying on a cold winter night. Though, as I say that, we’re already looking forward to trying this technique with grilled chicken this summer, or at least when the temperatures aren’t 30 below with bitterly cold winds … I digress. The brownies were good, but I would not use the full amount of buttercream if I made them again, as it was too much, even for the frosting lovers in the house. Also, when making these, remember they aren’t a true chocolate brownie, but more of a chewy vanilla cake with a brownie texture. Not a reason not to try them, but just a warning to avoid any disappointment.20140127-094129.jpg



  • Sunday: Beef & Mushroom Tacos with Re-fried Beans, Rice, and Chips, Salsa, and Guacamole – What can I say, taco night is always a winner in our house. The boys had beef, and I enjoyed mushroom and onions, flavored with the same great Penzey’s seasonings that made the beef awesomely delicious.
  • Monday: Caesar Salads, Chicken Spaghetti with Bell Peppers, Garlic Bread – Part of my making sure all the food I make is actually eaten in one way or another, I planned this delicious use of extra chicken from Saturday night. Mixed with sauted vegetables and, gasp, jarred sauce, it’s a quick weeknight meal that everyone loves.


  • Tuesday: Take-out Sushi from Asiana: Pork Gyoza, Vegetable Tempura, Clear Mushroom Soup, and rolls: Yellowtail & Scallion, Cucumber, California, and Western. – Yum! This would be an upside of my having a surprisingly busy couple of days at work, and Jim offering to stop for take-out on his way home.
  • Wednesday: WS’s White Chicken Chili – I really need to find an alternative to this jarred starter, but the problem is that it’s really quick and delicious, and great for a simple weeknight meal.


  • Thursday: Leftovers – This will most likely be a permanent fixture within our meal plans, as there’s always at least a little left of whatever we’ve eaten during the week, and I’m really trying to not waste anything.

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