Meal Plan: January 17th – January 23rd


Overall, I think they were good, and easy to make. I compared it to painting by numbers, but with food. Any drawbacks for our family were based on price and final results. At $10 a plate, though we were easily able to stretch between my husband, 5 year old, and myself, the service is pricey, a lot of which I believe comes from the shipping and packaging costs. The final meals were good, though, to be honest, and ever so humble, I think I could make equally, if not more, delicious meals on our own.

Now, that being said, I definitely see a market here, and understand the appeal. If you dislike and/or don’t have time to go to the grocery store, it’s a great way to get fresh meals on the table, though you’d still have to supplement with other shopping for meals throughout the week. I also see this as a great service for those who would like to cook, but are nervous and don’t know where to start, see paint with numbers comment above. I’m glad I got the chance to try this service out, as I think these are great ideas, and was excited to see how it would work in real life.

  • Saturday: Out with Friends to The Pub in Oconomowoc – We really liked this place for the atmosphere and beer selection, but, for me, the food and service were lacking. Everything was okay, nothing per se was wrong, but nothing was good enough, for the price, to bring us back any time soon. I will say however that they make an excellent cosmopolitan, and leave it at that …
  • Sunday: Shake Shack Sliders with Oven Fries & Onion Rings – I had planned to make sloppy joes with the meat and buns were used here, but a last minute craving and request changed our plans, and I cannot say there was any disappointment. These were tasty little bites, and, for me, the best part was the sauce that was equally delicious on burgers as well as fries. I’ll have to remember to use my cast iron skillet for future burger nights as well, as it gave the meat that crust you come to look forward to in diner-style burgers. Delish!


  • Monday: Zuppa Tuscana and Italian Chopped Salads – We love this soup, and it’s perfect for for cold Winter nights while not being overly heavy and fat laden, especially when you omit the half & half, like I did. Make this soon and freeze the leftovers, you’ll thanks me later.
  • Tuesday: Bacon and Vegetable Pot Pies with Black Pepper Biscuit Toppers – Good. Really good. Good enough to blog about good. Hope you like them!


  • Wednesday: TJ’s Mandarin Chicken, White Rice, and Steamed Broccoli – This continues to be a family favorite, and a dinner I will always have in the freezer … that is unless we just finished the last bag I bought. If you have a Trader Joe’s in your area, I HIGHLY recommend picking this, and many other treats, up the next time you stop by. 


  • Thursday: Leftovers – After all the deliciousness of this past week, we need to make some room in the fridge for next week’s planned deliciousness.

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