Meal Plan: August 30th – September 5th

  • Friday: Dining in the Dark – Came home to find that the power was out, and stayed out for 4+ hours. Luckily, we had veggies, dip, cheese, crackers, and leftover quesadillas to warm on the grill. Oh, and cold cocktails. This was an excellent reminder that we need to buy more flashlights.


  • Saturday: Pizza from Falbo Brothers – The pizza was delicious as usual, and we served a little antipasti and Caprese salad with burratta and heirloom tomatoes we picked up earlier that day from The Delafield Farmer’s Market.

Antipasti & Capreses Salad

  • Sunday: Kurt’s Steakhouse – Honestly, we don’t need a reason to love this place more than we already do, but, remembering Carter and complimenting his good manners is yet another in the long list of reasons we’ll be back.
  • Monday: Carter’s Choice: Hamburgers and Macaroni & Cheese – On the eve of his first day in 4k, I let Carter choose what he wanted for dinner. It’s wins all around though, as I was in the mood for a burger, and Jim always likes seeing macaroni and cheese on the table.
  • Tuesday: Anti-Pasti Stuffed Chicken, Steamed Peas, and Fresh Bread
  • Wednesday: Roasted Drumsticks and Thighs with Chinese Barbecue Sauce, Sesame Roasted Broccoli, and Steamed Rice – I rubbed the chicken with Penzey’s Bangkok Blend prior to roasting. The boys loved how these turned out, so I may have to convert some more wing recipes from this Food Network Magazine pull-out.

Chinese Barbecue Chicken

  • Thursday: Left-overs – I made myself a great Asian Chopped Salad from last night’s chicken

Asian Chopped Salad


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