Hey, Where Have I Been?

Hello There!

If you’ve been wondering, I’ve been locked in a basement in Southeastern Wisconsin. Okay, that’s not totally true; I haven’t been locked in, just living there. You see, Jim and I have been building a house. Okay, fine, that’s another lie. Jim’s been doing the building. I’ve just been assisting in emotionally and financially supporting said build. We’ve had a pretty good set up here in Jim’s Grandmother’s lower level, a space I affectionately refer to as the “Hotel Betty Warden”. Sung to a famous Eagles song, we’ve been “Livin’ it up in the Hotel Betty Warden …”

While I’ve gotten a few chances over the past 5 months to cook, I can’t tell you how deeply I miss having my own kitchen, a workspace to call and treat as my own. Jim designed the kitchen with my love of cooking and entertaining in mind, and I am so looking forward to breaking it in. For those who know me, or have come to know me, you won’t be surprised to know that I’ve already started to mentally plan our Housewarming Party, so you can definitely look forward to that post in the fall. I haven’t set my sights on a first meal yet, but Pinterest has proven to be a larger than vast resource for finding and saving ideas for the many, many meals I will be cooking for friends and family in our new home.

Hang in there with me as we finish the house, end our time as “cellar dwellers”, and move into the Chateau de Szajna.

Take Care,



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