Meal Plan – October 1st – October 7th

  • Saturday – Dinner: Delivery from Topper’s Pizza – I’ve been avoiding this for a long, long time, but the day finally came to revisit the reason for my personal “Freshman 15”. Although odd to eat earlier than 2:00 a.m. after a night of cocktails and dancing, it was still as delicious as I remember. I loved their California pizza and look forward to trying some more of their specialty pies in the future.
  • Sunday – Lunch: Date Night Leftovers from Salsa Cantina – I chopped up my Tres Seafood relenos, mixed in a little extra cheese and cream cheese, and enjoyed with chips. Yum! Though, the best part was having the house and remote to myself while the boys were at Jim’s dad’s house watching the Packers game.
  • Monday – Dinner: Spicy Honey–Brushed Chicken Thighs, Sesame Steamed Carrots, & Garlic Brown Rice Pilaf – This is one of the best new recipes I’ve tried in quite some time. The effort to flavor payout ratio is perfect for a weeknight meal, but the overall meal is delicious enough to serve to company.
  • Tuesday – Dinner: Burgers, Onion Rings, & Tater Tots – Since we are experiencing what can only be described as a perfect Indian Summer, we decided to grill some burgers and serve them with frozen tater tots and Alexia’s onion rings. Delicious!
  • Wednesday – Dinner: Unscheduled trip to Chili’s after meeting my new niece Elinor Nichole.
  • Thursday – Dinner: Tilapia Fish Sticks, Grandma Patti’s Macaroni & Cheese, and Steamed Broccoli – As I was making this, I thought it was a perfect “kids’ meal”, and apparently I was correct, as Carter ate his entire meal plus a second helping of broccoli and an ice cream bar. I was super excited, … until I started to worry that a growth spurt might be in our future. Oh well, at least I didn’t have to worry about leftovers!
  • Friday – Dinner:

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