Meal Plan – April 12th – 18th

Well, after a nice long vacation, I am back in the kitchen. Before moving on to what we’ll be having this week, I have to send out some “Thank Yous” to those who assisted in my staying full during the trip:

  1. The Fish House Restaurant for their delicious mixed fish platters and jalapeño shrimp poppers.
  2. My Great-Aunt Dee and Aunt Sue for a wonderful Easter spread that included ham that I actually liked, which is a surprise for someone who usually does not like ham at all.
  3. Pinchers Crab Shack served the most flavorful coconut shrimp I have ever had in my life. This shouldn’t surprise me, since they were probably the first fully fresh ones I’ve ever had. Followed by a shrimp and lobster roll with a few shakes of their house hot sauce was to die for.
  4. Oh, and I can’t forget The Cracker Barrel. Best biscuits ever. Jim and I tried to count along the way, but thanks to the location function on their website, you can actually map out your route pinpointing each of their restaurants along the way. The final count for our trip from Pewaukee, Wisconsin to Fort Myers Beach, Florida? 48.

For me, half the fun of travel is the food, which probably not surprising given how much I enjoy everything about food, cooking, and regional cuisine.


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