New Year’s Eve 2009

For my last post of the year, I wanted to let you know what is on our menu for this evening that I am, gasp, not really cooking. I made a successful trip to The Fresh Market this morning with the little man, and we came home with loads of good things that I simply have to bake or finish off. Not to worry though, I

Tonight’s Dinner:

  • Cocktails – Champagne
  • Hors d’oeuvres – Pinwheels Three Ways
  • Entrée – Surf & Turf with filet mignon, Alaskan King crab leg, bacon wrapped scallops, oysters Rockefeller, & roasted shrimp, Twice Baked Potato, Roasted Asparagus, sautéed mushrooms, and French Baguette
  • Dessert – Crème Brule, Chocolate and Caramel Lava Cake, & Pecan Pie Bar

I’m also leaving you with, what I think, is a very fitting quote for all of the food bloggers out there . . .


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