Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

So, when I started planning Carter’s first birthday party about 2 months ago, I knew I wanted to make pumpkin sugar cookies, and started working on my technique specifically for the event. If you’re laughing at me, I don’t blame you, as I would probably laugh too, but I don’t regret starting this new hobby.

I have found a great sugar cookie recipe that has proven itself time and again to be truly “no fail” and great to mix and freeze, or even bake and freeze, ahead of time. The royal icing recipe I have been using has also been great. It mixes together in my Kitchen Aid with very little effort on my part, and I haven’t had any troubles using or saving it for later use.

For these cookies, I did use a technique that I hadn’t tried before, but was a huge success: glacé icing. The finished product gave a smooth background to the royal icing details I laid on top. I like to think that the result was a cookie that was as cute as it was delicious.

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