Something’s Fishy . . .

I have to admit that I am rather proud of myself for this one.  This is my first atempt at ever making quality decorated sugar cookies.  Sure I’ve make sugar cookies before, but that’s when I was in 3rd grade, and they weren’t all that high quality.  These?  First off, it’s a really good sugar cookie recipe I found on for No Fail Sugar Cookies.  They’re not kidding either.  They are really good.  Nice and buttery, and not too sweet with a good flavor.  They suggested either vanilla or almond extract, but I used one teaspoon of each (Penzey’s extracts of course).  To decorate, I used this article and recipe, also from, and purchased a 12 pack of Wilton icing colors

Time consuming?  Oh yeah.  Difficult?  Surprinsingly, not nealy as much as I thought they would be.  I’m not that into baking because it tends to be technical and unforgiving.  Also, and this is real honesty, the husband and I really don’t need too many baked sweets in the house, as we’re both on the upper half of our pant size capacity, if you get my drift.  Back to cooking though, this was, not surprisingly, my first time using these types of icing colors, and after getting the hang of them, I found it rather easy to get the color I wanted.  So, now I’m slated to make a few dozen baseball cookies for next weekend, and, the whole reason I started with this project in the first place, a bunch of pumpkin cookies for my little man’s first birthday party at the end of October.


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