Best Laid Plans . . . Jim’s Birthday “Dinner”

Well, I made the sauce and flatbread, details to come, on Friday in preparation for Jim’s birthday.  On Saturday, the big day, we met some friends for breakfast.  We were both happily full from our meals at Eckert’s Diner in Oconomowoc, so I knew I wouldn’t have to worry about lunch, but figured we’d be hungry for dinner.  We decided to have our anti-pasta while watching one of two movies for the night and then go for a walk.  While on our walk I asked Jim if he was hungry.  He looked so sad when he replied, “No, but I’ll eat dinner if you want me to.”  I laughed and said that was fine, but suggested dessert, which he was totally on board with.  So, I will now post some of the recipes I noted in my last post, but you’ll have to wait for the rest of them, which I hope to make this week.

Anti-Pasta Platter & Cocktails

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